#19 My Poor Neighbors

Good Morning!

My neighbors might be getting cross with me. 

I can now justify not cutting my grass for the bees.  Yep, because of the dandelions.  If you didn’t know, there is a worldwide decline in bee population. The general consensus is that if bees die off, so do we. A google search should verify that for you.

That’s not actually the real why I haven’t cut my grass yet, it’s just that the yard has always been a lower priority than whatever else I have going on.… Read More “#19 My Poor Neighbors”

#18 Nothing In Life Worth While Is Easy

Good Morning!

I recorded, edited and published the first video podcast for
Good Morning Karsy yesterday!  It’s all
about surrounding yourself with people that are passionate and inspiring. Check it out! If enjoy it, please like it, subscribe,
and tell your friends.

I didn’t quite make the 4:55am wake up time today.  When I do, I’ll probably start posting a
picture of my watch like Jocko Willink does every morning!… Read More “#18 Nothing In Life Worth While Is Easy”

#17 The Start of Something Kind of Awesome

Good Morning!

Well, nearly mid day now.

I’ve been getting up earlier and earlier the past few days
with the goal of getting up at 5am on a regular basis.  I’ve written a few posts about the importance
of making time for yourself early in the day and how that simple act of working
on yourself for just an hour or two a day can lead to HUGE results in a short
amount of time.… Read More “#17 The Start of Something Kind of Awesome”

#16 – 4 Reasons Why We Should Clean Up After Ourselves

Good Morning!

Some people are often confused which amenities are typically provided at self-service fast food or cafeteria type restaurants, and for good reason.  I’ll explain the differences and why it matters that we should clean up after ourselves.

Self-service and full-service restaurants are fundamentally different.

When we go out to eat at a full-service sit-down type of restaurant, we are greeted by a person, and then served by a person who takes our order, brings our food, checks on us throughout the meal, takes away our plates when we are finished eating, and finalizes the transaction.… Read More “#16 – 4 Reasons Why We Should Clean Up After Ourselves”

#15 The Act of Borrowing

Good Morning!

The definition of borrowing is to take something from someone else, usually with their permission, to use for your own purpose with the intention of returning it.

I initially wrote this article as a part of another piece I am currently writing and thought that this subject needed to be it’s own article. There is some powerful stuff that I’ve learned in the past when it comes to borrowing things from people and the two main things are trust and expectations.… Read More “#15 The Act of Borrowing”

#14 The Coffee Incident

Mornin’ folks!

Just imagine, there you are sitting at the table enjoying
your morning coffee.  You reach out, grab
your mug and pull it towards you.

It’s one of those enormous red “The Boss” mugs.  You chose that particular mug, because this morning is one of those mornings and a larger amount of coffee is not only desired, but is required.  … Read More “#14 The Coffee Incident”

# 13 English Muffin Science

Good Morning!

Lucky #13!

I haven’t done any posts about food yet, so here goes.

I noticed something interesting when I was making my breakfast
this morning.

English muffins don’t really require cutting, more like stick
a butter knife in to the side and pull it apart; and that’s what I normally do.
But this time was different. This time I used a bread knife to cut through my English
muffins.… Read More “# 13 English Muffin Science”

#12 – An Elegant Solution

Good Morning!

I’m reminded of the time there was a mechanical problem with a machine that I was tasked to program, but before I could begin it had to be modified to work correctly.  The modification was going to take some time, so I went on to other things.

When I came back later the problem was resolved, and was
solved quite ingeniously I might add. … Read More “#12 – An Elegant Solution”