#78 Before I Start Writing Again

Good Morning!

Today has started much like other days.

Wake up.

Grab phone, check time, look at memes.


Get out of bed.

Make a quick stop at the bathroom before completing the blurry-eyed yawn infused walk to the physical location that is the center of my morning routine: The Coffee Bar.

Make the coffee.

Sit down at the laptop.

Sip the coffee.

Watch a video or two about something interesting to wake the mind up.

Contemplate today’s schedule.

Gulp the coffee.

Create a new post.

Write some words about whatever comes to mind.

And here we are, in the present.

Today I’m writing about coffee, and writing this blog.

I tend to write about coffee a lot because I’m usually enjoying a mug worth while I’m writing; which reminds me: I need to make a second cup before I get down to the business of actually writing this piece I didn’t really intend on writing this morning. Funny how these things work themselves out sometimes.

One sec.

(I realize that there is no actual extended time pause for you the reader, so by all means, if you need to piss.)


Ok, so now that I have my second coffee in mug, let’s begin.

… Again.

It’s been awhile since I’ve sat down to write anything.

I’m not going to say I will start writing once a week, even though I want to. I want to promise that I will start writing daily again, but I can’t because writing is just like everything else in my life: it seems to have a season.

My writing season may very well be starting again with very words I am writing right now as the primer.

It’s just that writing kinda tends to just happen.

I’ll just get the feeling to sit down in front of the laptop and then *Poof*! Here’s an article about whatever I was thinking about.

It’s difficult to say with certainty because being interested in pretty much everything has some drawbacks, with the largest being focus.

I find it difficult at times to keep my mind from wandering away to something else more intriguing when the current project gets repetitive or tends to drag on.

I’m not talking about ADD or ADHD, but keeping focused on a longer or continual project which require many days, weeks, or even months.

And ultimately, that’s ok.

I have given myself the creative latitude to explore making all different kinds of content, bouncing back and forth between all of them.

What is common to all of them though, is writing!

I really do enjoy stringing words together and getting these thoughts of mine organized. Even making the picture for the blog post is fun!

It’s safe to say that most of the posts I’ve written are opinion pieces with a general intent of helping others in some way while relating it to my own personal experience somehow.

I think it’s fairly normal for people to want to help each other and I’m not any different. Being of service and helping others feels great!

Moreover, people like reading about the good deeds of others, and I intend on writing about these occurrences in the future along with all the other topics I’m interested in.

It’s quite possible that this upcoming season of the Good Morning Karsy blog might be the best one yet.

So make sure you’re on my email list so you don’t miss anything!

If something I’ve written strikes a chord, please leave a comment and start a conversation!

If you know someone that might benefit from the info I’ve published, please share it with them.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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