#76 Smile Advice

Good Morning 🙂

If someone smiles at you, smile back if you can.

Sometimes a smile is just a friendly non-contact version of hello, a handshake, a sign of kindness, or even respect.

You should smile back because smiling feels good and makes the other person feel good too.

I know it’s difficult to smile when we’re feeling the blues, upset, worried, or even angry, but if you make attempt, it might actually make you feel a bit better.

If you wanted to, you could give them a polite head nod or even say thank you instead.

Expressing gratitude is supposed to be the strongest of all ways to change your physiology on a core level when you’re feeling depressed and want to feel better quickly.

Sometimes when I don’t feel like smiling and I know I probably should, I try to visualize a happy or funny memory.

A lot of times it’s a bit too funny and I end up laughing out loud like a silly person.

Try and smile with you whole face, all the way up to your eyes.

I hope this brought a little bit of smiling joy to your morning.

Have a great day!


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Author: Karsy

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