#63 Do You Even Eat Bro?

Good Morning!

Welcome to Fit Friday, where I write about a health topic, tell you about the progress in my personal health and fitness journey, what I’m doing at the gym, and some of the meals I’m planning on eating next week.  If you’ve been reading my health blogs so far, the format should be familiar to you already.

Today I’m going to write about my progress so far and reflect on each of the times I saw significant weight-loss progress in my current health and fat-loss journey.


I’m weighing in at 344.5 lbs today.

I started my current health journey on September 30th, 2017 at 355 lbs. Needless to say I have a long way to go.  Over the last 18 months or so I’ve had a lot of ups and downs and a serious struggle sticking to any sort of diet.  Below is a graph of my recorded progress since I started in September 2017.

There is two significant drops in weight, both about 25 lbs each time. The first one took a long time, about 5 months. The second took 9 weeks.

The first one was reducing calories, cleaning up the diet so that there was no fast food and not a lot of junk food at all. Keep a cheat meal and a treat for the weekend. Pretty normal routine that most people lose the weight with.

I plateaued for awhile and then I had to have surgery which derailed all of the progress.

The second time there was two parts to it. The first 15 lbs was during the 8 weeks at the beginning of year I was away from home for work. I was removed from my normal day to day life.

I hopped on the keto wagon was able to stick to it by physically being away from the normalcy of the home routine.

This greatly reduced the temptations available in a moments notice besides going for breakfast with friends on occasion and avoiding the toast some times (which was difficult).

The last 10 lbs was when I did a 5 day water fast. You can also see that after the fast I gained back about half that weight over the next week. This was totally expected.

I’ve been experimenting with my diet to see what works to give me the energy I need, how it makes me feel, and what kind of results that I get from it.

The one thing that seems to be important is the energy density of the foods I’m eating. I feel a lot better when I eat a lower volume of food that has a higher nutritional density, like eating a steak and cauliflower.

I’m paying attention to what foods tend to have side effects like making my sinuses stuffed up or my skin itchy or giving me a headache. Bread, dairy, and lunch meats are a big no no. The symptoms seem to last for a few days sometimes after only one meal. It’s just not worth it.

At The Gym

Because this is a weekly post now instead of three times a week, I’m going to write the three sessions of what I’ve been doing.

Between these training sessions I try to just be as active as I can. This just means going for a walk, doing some yard work, getting in a few sets with the TRX and the kettlebells.

Session 1 – Shoulders and Arms

  • Super Set 3 x 12
    • Barbell Shoulder Press, 50 lbs.
    • Single Dumbbell Side Raises, 10 lbs.
  • Super Set 3 x 12
    • Single Arm Cable Pull Downs, 30 lbs.
    • Single Arm Hammer Curls, 25 lbs.
  • Cable High Rows at eye level, 3 x 12, 30 lbs.
  • Super Set 3 x 12
    • Preacher Curl, 15 lbs.
    • Standing Cable Tricep Extension, 25 lbs.
  • Treadmill tabata’s to finish up the workout

Session 2 – Back and Chest

  • Single Arm Row (machine), 3 x 15, 45 lbs.
  • Single Arm Cable Lat Pull Down, 3 x 15, 35 lbs.
  • Super Set 3 x 12
    • Inclined Single Arm Dumbbell Press, 30 lbs – 35 lbs – 40 lbs.
    • Inclined Dumbbell Flyes, 15 lbs.
  • Seated Single Arm Chest Flyes (machine), 3 x 15, 25 lbs.
  • Standing Cable Chest Press, 50 reps to failure, 35 lbs each cable.

Session 3 – Legs

  • Single Leg Extensions, 3 x 20, 15 lbs.
  • Hamstring Curls, 3 x 15, 45 lbs.
  • Step Up Knee Drive, 3 x 12 each leg, 12 lb medicine ball.
  • Super Set 3 x 12 each movement
    • TRX Squat, body weight
    • Kettlebell Natural Squat, 35 lbs.
  • Straight Leg Cable Deadlifts, 3 x 12, 65 lbs.
  • Cable Squat Rotations, 3 x 12 each direction, 35 lbs.

The Next Meal

Lately I’ve just be eating bacon, eggs, steak, veggies, green protein shakes, and some berries now and then. It’s not the most glamorous of diets, but it seems to work. I’m going to stop trying to reintroduce the foods that I want to eat again and just stick to the foods that I know work for me.

When I checked the fridge before going to sleep last night (like we all do), I noticed that my strawberries were awfully shiny and appetizing. I’m definitely going to have some of those for breakfast today.

Thanks for reading (or listening) and have a great day!

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