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Good Morning!

I want to write the health blog posts later on in the day after my gym session so that the progress and activity information is current for post the next morning.

Expect to see Health Blogs on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

I completed the full 48 hours of the fast. I think it was actually around 51ish hours or so, but who’s counting.

The first day wasn’t too bad. I kept myself busy most of the day, took a nap in the afternoon, and then the live stream kept my mind off eating for the most part. I wasn’t even really hungry by the time I went to sleep.

Second day, Oh boy. I’ll call that day, pee day. I must have gone to the bathroom three to four times per hour. One of the effects of having low insulin level and not being bombarded by reactive foods, is the body starts to shed water like crazy.

The second day I experienced almost near constant mental hunger, with a few actual stomach rumbles here and there, but other than that, I was thinking about food things one after another.

Coffee plus work in the morning sure helped with passing the time and not thinking about food and the last hour of the morning I spent in a bit of pain while my RMT worked way on my back and legs. For a couple hours afterwards I didn’t really care about much, let alone thinking about food. Endorphins are super powerful to say the least.

Working in the afternoon and evening was almost impossible, scrolling through Facebook was almost torture with people posting pictures of their delicious looking food, and even trying to watch TV was difficult because food is everywhere, even animated food looked good.

I made it to bedtime despite having opened the fridge to look at the steaks for the refeed meal more than once.

I should have meditated. Next time I will for sure.

This morning’s planned breakfast of steak and eggs, brussels sprouts, olives, pickles, coffee, and water, turned out very, very tasty. I finished eating just before 8 am as I wanted to get refeed meal in with at least four hours of digestion time before the gym so that I’d have some blood available for the muscles.


Well, The number speaks for itself. I fasted for 48 hours and 10 lbs came off.

Yep, most of this was water and some nasty bits hanging around in the bowels no doubt, but probably 1-2 lbs of that was probably fat.

I weighed myself at the gym, typed it into the tracking app and saw the number.

I immediately went back to the scale to verify that I hadn’t screwed up. My trainer saw me going back to the scale and was wondering if something was wrong because I looked concerned.

He later mentioned that he immediately noticed that I had lost weight in my face when I walked in to the gym. I should have taken some pictures of myself . ugh.

So yeah, fasting is no joke. It’s not a fad, it just works.

I’m expecting to regain about half of this weight back after eating again, which is the normal response after fasting.

If nothing is going on this weekend, I will probably fast again, starting Saturday morning to Monday morning. We’ll see how things pan out.

At The Gym

Gym Session was great. It’s usually great. Shoulders and arms today.

Warm-up,  walking on the treadmill, 10 minutes, 5% incline and 2.8-3.5 MPH. This is my usual warm up. After about 5 minutes, my heart rate is around 140 bpm and I keep it around that for the last 5 minutes.

I stretch quite a bit before I start my session, here’s what I did using a stretching machine: Lower and Upper Back, Hamstrings, Hip Flexors, and Quadriceps.

I stretched my calves out next by elevating the front of my foot and leaning forward. I also hung my heels off a raised platform and lowered them using body weight with my feet together, and then shoulder width apart.

Using a green resistance band strung up overhead on a machine and the free end around my wrist, using various positions I stretched my shoulders, lats, upper back, traps, and pecs, biceps and triceps. Every position is held 15-30 seconds.

Here’s the workout my trainer planned for today.

  • Stacked Motions: side raise, iron cross, front raise and then reverse order, 3 x 12, 5 lb kettlebells each hand. The burn and pump on this movement is INSANE, even at 5 lbs.
  • Single Arm Shoulder Press, 3 x 12 each, 25 lbs.
  • Single Arm Tricep Extension using cable stack, 3 x 12 each, 30lbs.
  • Single Arm Dumbbell Curls, 2 x 15 each, 25 lbs.
  • Single Arm Hammer Curls, 1 x 15 each, 25 lbs.

As you can see we’ve been doing a lot of one-handed movements so that the core engaged in every single movement. This might not seem like much, but every repetition is a also stability movement in keeping proper form and this is where the volume of core training is expanded. Keeping the proper form is always key with weight training.

You might think that the amount of mass that I’m moving isn’t a lot. Instead of using a heavier weight, we’re using acceleration to our advantage on the positive and then a slow return on the negative. If you know anything about physics, you’ll know when acceleration is greater the mass can be reduced while maintaining the overall energy expenditure, which is one of the main goals of doing this type of training, and protects my weaker joints from being hyperextended.

The Next Meal

I have some left over steak and some chicken breasts along with some fresh baked buns I have to dispose of; Sandwiches I think are in order. I have about a kilogram and a half of fresh peeled organic carrots to eat up along with some avocados.

I might even have to make a lemon pie to use up my lemons, black berries, and raspberries.

Fresh food is where it’s at and is one of the best things to make time for in life.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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P.P.S If you’re wondering what this fasting stuff is all about an want to get read up on it, check out “The Complete Guide To Fasting” by Dr. Jason Fung and Jimmy Moore.*

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