#38 You Can Quit Tomorrow

Good Morning!

Whenever I start something that’s pretty difficult, about half to three-quarters the way through, the quitting thought crosses my mind.

I’ve quit on a few occasions to just go and do other activities if I just couldn’t stand it any longer, but not when it ever counted.

When I needed to get something done, I told myself “You can quit tomorrow”.

I forget where I got this saying from, but it’s no doubt from a fitness or health coach of some kind.

Next time you’re feeling like you’ve had enough and just don’t want to continue what you’re doing, just tell yourself you can quit tomorrow and get it done today.

When tomorrow comes and you feel the same way, say it again.

With enough repetition you will eventually work-out the perseverance muscle to the point where quitting will just be a passing thought.

Have a great day today.


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Author: Karsy

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