#36 Let’s Figure Out This Public Speaking Thing

Good Morning!

I heard something great this morning.

“Being able to communicate is your right.”

Eric Edmeades

For my personal growth session this morning I wanted to listen to a talk about effective speaking. I found a two-part series titled “How To Become A Master In The Art of Public Speaking” given by Eric Edmeades for Mind Valley. I got a lot more than I expected from watching these, and I’ll be watching them again soon. Here are the YouTube links to Part 1 and Part 2.

This quote speaks about our rights as human beings to be able to communicate effectively because we can already, but don’t because of what we learned as children and how it’s reinforced now that we’re adults.

Each part is over an hour long, so grab a coffee and get comfortable. Grab a note pad to jot down some notes too; this is powerful stuff. I can’t wait to chat about it with some of you later and read your comments.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, I started a separate post series about my personal health journey and about health and wellness related topics.  Check out the latest post about fasting.

Thanks for reading this morning!

Have a great day!


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