#33 Add This To Your Morning Routine For An Awesome Start

Good Morning!

I’ve written about the morning routine quite a bit already, and there is good reason for it.  Starting the day off in the right direction and setting yourself up for success sets the tone of the day.

I wrote previously about the 20-20-20 morning routine and you can read about that here.  Take an hour for yourself and well-being in the early hours to get your sweat on,  grow, and reflect.

I’m going to add one more thing that I feel is just as important as the others: laughter.

Being amused is a very powerful state for the mind and body.  Getting a good belly laugh in as the finishing touch to your morning will put you into a state where you’ll be in a better position to handle just about anything that life throws at you.

So many things happen in your body because of laughter.  Read about them here.

Watch a video, read a comic, listen to a podcast, tell a joke and then be told a joke, do something silly, anything!

Try it and let me know how it turns out for you.

Have a great day today!


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Author: Karsy

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