#26 A Tool For Keeping Track of Everything

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Have you ever worked on a large personal project or a hobby?

If you have, you’ll know for sure how much of a pain it can be to wait for the stuff you need to keep working on your project.

Planning the wait time into the long to-do list will usually make the process a lot more enjoyable and it will allow you plan the lead-time of each task more easily.

When we create lists, they tend to be vertical, but they can also be written horizontal and into the third dimension by branching, or by using tools like a Gantt chart.

It’s all about visualizing the timeline of your project.

This is a Gantt Chart. Read all about them here.

By using a chart like this, it allows us to visualize the entire timeline of our projects. In doing so we can plan out all of wait time, including shipping time so that our projects flow more smoothly, are more enjoyable, and nearly all standstills can be avoided.

Scheduling software can be kinda clunky for personal projects, but a simple spreadsheet makes this super easy. Here is the Google Sheets Template to get you started.

Planning the timing of things can get really tricky and that’s the reason why writing things down, using a spreadsheet or even a simple task list can such a large impact the enjoyment of the project.

I hope this tool will help you planning out your projects or whatever else you’re working on. Let me know what you think in the comments or share some of your own tips!

Thanks for reading and have a good day!


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