#19 My Poor Neighbors

Good Morning!

My neighbors might be getting cross with me. 

I can now justify not cutting my grass for the bees.  Yep, because of the dandelions.  If you didn’t know, there is a worldwide decline in bee population. The general consensus is that if bees die off, so do we. A google search should verify that for you.

That’s not actually the real why I haven’t cut my grass yet, it’s just that the yard has always been a lower priority than whatever else I have going on. Sorry neighbors.

I made a somewhat sarcastic post on social media yesterday to the effect of how nice the contrast of the yellow on green that the dandelions make on my lawn and how I felt a bit bad for the neighbors.  I actually do like their look, but it’s not socially acceptable.

Well, a friend posted an info-graphic with some dandelion facts, which then prompted me to read the Wikipedia page on them. Dandelions are not actually weeds? Neat.

The neighbors are going to have to wait at least another day now, because its raining today. Ahh well.

I turned my air-conditioning on yesterday.  I could have probably just opened a window, but I was more interested in lowering the humidity.

I learned way back in college that the humidity of the air has a greater influence on how comfortable we perceive an environment is compared to the temperature. I’ve forgotten why that is exactly, but I assume its because dry air is simply less sticky and gross.  Which is how I felt yesterday after cooking dinner and running around like a mad person trying to get ready for my livestream.

Just like every other year, I also forgot to switch my thermostat back to the heat setting on my way to sleep woke up to a cold house.

That’s ok, coffee will warm me up a bit.

Speaking of coffee I just emptied the last of my beans into my grinder hopper this morning.  I saw a reddit post a while back and the question was “what kinds of beans is everyone using?”.  There were a few people that posted up pictures all of the empty bags they’ve consumed over year. There was a person even made a collage of them up on their wall. It was really cool looking, so now I’m saving my coffee bean bags to make a custom top for my coffee table.

Time for me to go make some more content!

Have a great day!


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