#18 Nothing In Life Worth While Is Easy

Good Morning!

I recorded, edited and published the first video podcast for Good Morning Karsy yesterday!  It’s all about surrounding yourself with people that are passionate and inspiring. Check it out! If enjoy it, please like it, subscribe, and tell your friends.

I didn’t quite make the 4:55am wake up time today.  When I do, I’ll probably start posting a picture of my watch like Jocko Willink does every morning!

Its not super important that I wake up and get started at 5:00am soon, but it’s a goal.  I don’t want to have to put too much stress on myself for not achieving that goal right away. After all, the goal is to do this without an alarm clock; to wake up naturally around that time.

I usually need between 7 and 8 hours of sleep. If I go to sleep around 9:30pm, that gives me a half-hour either side of 5am which is ok. 

So today I was awake at 5:45 and out of bed around 6.  I’m happy with that.  That’s good progress, from last Monday through Thursday’s 9:30(ish)am wake-up time. 

Nothing in life worth while is easy and it surely doesn’t happen overnight.

I wrote a couple articles in the past about why I want to start getting up early and you can check those out here, and here.

As I was making my coffee this morning, I was thinking about what I needed to get done today, which is finish writing the piece about some shopping carts, do some yard work, and maybe even record another podcast. I have some website maintenance to do too that I’ve been putting off for a bit.

 It’s actually kind of crazy how something as simple as the shopping cart, that we totally take for granted, has such an interesting history of innovation to it.

On a side note my coffee today is a double double espresso americano with heavy cream. Yes, that’s 4 shots of espresso. No sugar. The heavy cream balances the bitterness quite nicely.  I’m going to make a video in the future on how I make my morning coffee.  Let’s be honest, coffee is too important to not talk about.

In the mean time you can check out the gear that I use to brew it. Coffee Beans. Grinder. Espresso Machine. Kettle.*

I live on a busy street, and the area of my house that I chose to put my writing desk in is next to a window near the road that lets in some nice natural light and gives me a view of the people walking and the traffic going by. 

The neighbors across the street have been kind enough to give me a nice view of their well-maintained property.  Up to this point this year, I can’t say I have returned that favour, so to day is the day that the mower starts, hopefully.

Have a great day!


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