#17 The Start of Something Kind of Awesome

Good Morning!

Well, nearly mid day now.

I’ve been getting up earlier and earlier the past few days with the goal of getting up at 5am on a regular basis.  I’ve written a few posts about the importance of making time for yourself early in the day and how that simple act of working on yourself for just an hour or two a day can lead to HUGE results in a short amount of time.

This is 100% true if you actually take the time and do it. That’s the difficult part.

For me, getting up at 5 am is all about partitioning a couple of hours a day to do a very specific thing: that’s to start writing every single day.

When I first started this blog way back in like 2012 or something, I intended it to be just that: a candid, sit-down style write once and quickly review and edit type of a blog.  My thoughts every morning and hopefully not so much brain spew.

This morning I published my sixteenth article.  Wow! I never thought I would be able to write so many words in my life.  I put effort in to creating these types of posts: I’ll read entire books, do research, ask my friends and family and sometimes even the general public questions on whatever it is I want to write about.

I’ve been hoping that my researching and writing would become more efficient with the more experience I gain as time goes on and I’m pretty sure I’m seeing improvements in both. I always ask for feedback at the end of my posts or just ask questions in hopes that people will provide criticism so that my writing will improve.

That’s the ultimate goal here: provide better content for the reader.

Learning how to develop ideas, research, write, and think critically are the subjects I’ve been studying related to the production of this blog.  I’ve also been learning the fundamentals of html, php, css, and java to understand how my simple WordPress site works and how to customize it, along with a bunch of other projects I want to work on.

Along with these, I’ve been researching how to shoot video, record audio, how lighting works, how to operate cameras and all the tech of the industry, how to plan out production.  I’ve been doing this by reading blogs and books and watching other creators’ videos on the industry norms about the do’s and don’ts of being a creator. I won’t even get into production value, presentation, speaking, and everything else that makes a video or podcast or even a blog entertaining.

There is SO MUCH to learn and I am having a lot of fun putting it all together, failing and doing, and learning and persevering.

I didn’t take the advice for using professionals when starting into huge project like this at the beginning, and I probably should have, but learning new stuff has always been one of the things in my life that brings me happiness and joy. 

I’ll keep writing down stuff every morning while having my coffee in hopes that one day my content will be awesome enough for a few people will read this and share what I have to say.

Where is the sense in being busy doing something if what you’re doing doesn’t make you happy?

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


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Author: Karsy

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