#14 The Coffee Incident

Mornin’ folks!

Just imagine, there you are sitting at the table enjoying your morning coffee.  You reach out, grab your mug and pull it towards you.

It’s one of those enormous red “The Boss” mugs.  You chose that particular mug, because this morning is one of those mornings and a larger amount of coffee is not only desired, but is required.  

As you raise the mug to your lips a small drop of water from above smashes into to your coffee in what seems like slow motion just mere inches from your eyes.

You pause, contemplating what you might have done in a previous life to deserve the smite the universe has bestowed upon you.

You take in a slow, somewhat anxiety-filled breath and then exhale just like how the app showed you: 1…2…3…4…5…

What do you do now?

  1. Get up and make a new coffee.
  2. Throw mug full of coffee across the room.
  3. I can’t even. Grab keys and head to the coffee shop.
  4. Ahhh fuck it.  Drink the coffee.
  5. Sit there looking up to the ceiling where the water is pooling, still in contemplation.
  6. Call someone.
  7. Look for a mug with a lid on Amazon.
  8. Immediately start an investigation to find the leak and fix it.
  9. Go back to bed.
  10. Grab your phone and open that app.

Time to choose.

Let me know what you’d do in the comments.


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Author: Karsy

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