#12 – An Elegant Solution

Good Morning!

I’m reminded of the time there was a mechanical problem with a machine that I was tasked to program, but before I could begin it had to be modified to work correctly.  The modification was going to take some time, so I went on to other things.

When I came back later the problem was resolved, and was solved quite ingeniously I might add. 

I commented to the person that designed and implemented the modifications, using the old-timey saying “This is quite the elegant solution”.

There was a brief pause and then they broke out into laughter.

My collogues got a huge kick out of my propensity to choose words not typically used by the people in our industry. I do get carried away sometimes, especially if I have been reading. 

I didn’t actually intend it to be funny, but I got some excitement and a laugh from it too.

It’s experiences like this that remind me that sometimes I get lost my own thoughts of curiosity and wonderment; in my own little world so to speak.

I was enjoying inspecting and learning from what someone else had done. One of those ‘ah haaa!’ type moments where our bodies give us a shot of dopamine to feel good as our reward for what we’ve learned.

You can read all about that here if you want.

And so, “This is quite the elegant solution” became the saying of the day.

It really was an elegant solution though.


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Author: Karsy

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