#11 Dirty Windows

Good Morning!

The window I’m looking through is quite dirty from the trees and traffic of a year gone by.  It’s now spring time, and time to clean the windows along with the rest of the ‘spring cleaning’ duties.

As I look out the window, I briefly focus on the filth. Its not just on the window the surrounding surfaces too.

The dirt accumulates so slowly that we don’t notice or we do and don’t make the maintenance a priority.

It’s going to be really nice to sit and look through this window when its clean and not be bothered by it or even think about it, let alone the impression it gives.

It’s on the list.

As I look out my window, I’m reminded that there are people who don’t get to leave their house very often and that their view of the outside world is often confined to what they can see from their window.

And their windows will get dirty too.

Without maintenance, their view of the world slowly becomes distorted as the dirt accumulates.

This creates a suffering: something that they have to deal with on a day to day basis that they can’t change themselves. They eventually accept their suffering and try to find ways to live with it.

Until one day, when they’re looking out the window and suddenly a person appears.

The person on the outside, not seeing through the window just goes about their day. 

The mop moves and down and from side to side, scrubbing the window.

Their view of the world is completely obstructed for a moment by the soap suds and water gently streaking downwards, only a blurry figure on the other side can be seen to that of frosted glass.

With each stroke of the persons squeegee, up and across and then down again, repeating side to side, until a crystal-clear view of the person on the outside emerges. 

The person wipes the bottom of the window with a rag and just as quickly as they appeared, they leave again, leaving behind an unobstructed and mind-blowingly vivid and beautiful view of the world that they knew so well, but had forgotten.

They smile and are filled with joy.

Words can’t begin to express the feelings and the gratitude they want to share with the person who changed their view of the world.

They are so thankful because they couldn’t have done it for themselves, and the window washer will never know just how much of an impact their actions of ‘just doing their job’ as they do every day, have changed the view of the world of another for the better.

Those of us who are the window washers, we don’t really notice the impact we have on the world around us when we’re just going about our day.

Until the day comes when it’s our view of the world is made clean again through actions of another, we only then realize that the simple things we do, even if they’re habits, have had an enormous impact on the people that we come into contact with.

Each of us has a unique skill-set acquired over our lifetime that enables us to do the things we do with great efficiency. It’s these small and seemingly insignificant actions, like washing a window, that we might do on a day to day basis that make us who we are and what we should be proud of.

It’s difficult to find meaning in seemingly meaningless work, but by in doing the work you are practicing your craft for the moment the universe needs to put your skill to use in the right place at the right time.

Keep being awesome doing what you do and be proud of who you are and what you have become.


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Author: Karsy

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