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Good Morning!

I have a couple other posts outlining the reasons why getting up early is good for you and this post has a few common threads.

I watched a really great episode of Impact Theory yesterday and was inspired to write about it and some of the topics they covered during their conversation.  If you haven’t seen any of Tom Bilyeu’s videos, you gotta check them out.

In this episode Tom had Robin Sharma on the show to talk about his new book: The 5am Club, Own Your Morning, Elevate Your Life.

Watch the video here.

The 5 takeaways I got from the video:

1 – Don’t forget that you’re able to do or be anything you want to be, just like when you were a child.

Robin quotes George Bernard Shaw by saying “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable one persists in adapting the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”  You need to be unreasonable and unwilling to listen to others when they tell you you can’t do it or you’re not smart or talented enough to get what you want. 

Most people won’t just drop everything in the lives one day and decide they want to be an astronaut or a pro football player. You can do 90% of what those people do just by training to become one, because training is what takes up the most time of any top-level profession you can think of. By training, you’ll be experiencing many of the same things that the astronaut or footballer will be experiencing in their careers.

Be unreasonable in your thinking and just start doing the things you need to do to achieve whatever goal it is you want to achieve. Below are some tools you can use.

2 – If you want to have an impact on the world, you have to take care of yourself.

Robin calls this the ‘The Four Interior Empires’ transformational model: Mindset, Heartset, Healthset, and Soulset.


Is a system of psychologies that most of the personal development industry is focused on. As I’ve herd Sean Croxton say over and over again years ago “You gotta get your mind right.” 

Your mindset, how you perceive and think about everything is what motivates and gets you to plan and take action, or not.  

How Tony Robbins says “you have to get yourself in to state” to think and act and perceive what you’re going through differently than you had previously.  If you want to make the most out of a bad situation, you have to change your point of view.

I’m reminded of a quote that resonates with me from the movie Apollo 13 that I try to apply to nearly all of less than optimal situations I find myself in that are in need of creativity, critical thinking when troubleshooting:  Gene Kranz says to a room full of engineers with a really negative and hopeless outlook on the situation “What to do we have that’s good?”.  This totally ‘reframes’ the conversation to a directed and more positive goal focused outcome.


We need to take stock of our emotions.   As emotional beings we are made to feel and use  the feelings we have.  We aren’t meant to keep things bottled up all the time. This is where we have to deal with the pain and sadness and trauma of the past that we still might be carrying with us.

Nothing is more expensive than losing your joy and peace of mind.  You could have everything you’ve ever wanted, but if all you’re doing is thinking about or dealing with is pain from the past, you can’t be in the present moment to do the things you need to do to help others or bring joy into your life. You can’t concentrate on things that matter in the present if you’re thinking about the past or the ‘what-ifs’ of the future.

Journaling is very powerful tool to have in the heartset toolbox. Writing down our previous day’s experiences, deconstructing them by reliving them, asking questions about things we remember, and reflecting upon them will create deeper understanding and meaning to the experiences we have and make them all the more precious and meaningful to us.

Being curious, striving for more information, wanting to figure out how things work and why, are traits of every leader in every industry and field of study. It’s what drives us to be insanely awesome humans.


“If you want to change the world, don’t die.” Try to live as long as you can by use of biohacking, getting a good night’s rest, etc.

In a world full of distractions, we need to take full advantage of the early morning when everyone else is still sleeping to get ready and plan the day.  Robin calls this ‘The Holy Hour’.

Every legendary being that has ever roamed the earth knows this.  To perform at the highest level, you have to practice everything.

The 20-20-20 is an hour long practice routine with 3 main things:

  • 5:00am to 5:20am – Get your sweat on. High intensity exercise.
  • 5:20am to 5:40am – Journal, meditate, visualize, plan your day, think and reflect.
  • 5:40am to 6:00am – Grow by consuming something inspiring like a book, video, or podcast.


“It’s about working on your character so you re-access your nobility and your bravery and your authenticity and your decency and you find a cause that’s larger than your life.” This is some powerful stuff. This quote resonated with me such that some emotions were forced to surface. Sometimes I feel that I have taken so much and now have a lot offer, I haven’t taken enough initiative to give back. Here is a link to the quote. https://youtu.be/i3_HQIUoM6E?t=830

3 – To do your best work, you have to get into your ‘flow’ state.

The best minds in the world did their best work in seclusion, locked in a room or in an inspiring place with their team. Go to physical place where you can get yourself into ‘flow state’, where you can zone-in to what you do best.  If you don’t have a place, create one or go exploring. Find your happy place.

4 – Know when and when not to be patient.

Be very patient with children, with your team, and all of the people that serve you in your day to day life.

Be massively impatient in serving and bringing value to others.  Don’t wait one second to help or do good in someone else’s life.  The world would truly be a better place if this was a core value for everyone.

5 – Don’t break promises.

Not only do we let down the people we make promises to when we break them, the next part is a direct quote from Robin, “We lose self-respect from the promises we make to ourselves that we break. Its so important.”  I know I’ve been the guy that over promises and under-delivers before.  As time goes on I’m more mindful of the promises I make, giving serious weight to the decision to promise, or say I’m going to do something.  If I’m going to tell anyone I’m going to do something, then it MUST be done.

Final Thoughts

There was a lot of information in this one video. So many great points about personal development and dealing with fear and pain and tools we can use for peak performance.  There is a lot more in the video that I didn’t write about and I would assume much, much more in Robin Sharma’s book “The 5am Club, Own Your Morning, Elevate Your Life”.  If you’re interested, pick up a copy for your self, it’s on my list for sure.

Please share this article and video with anyone who you think may find any of this information useful.  Sometimes we don’t know what to do or how to start when we’re feeling the blahs. I know I don’t, and I’m thankful for videos and articles just like these that help bring focus to some of my thoughts and emotions and empower me to keep improving.

I hope you enjoyed reading!

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