#9 Mornin’ Folks!


We learn at a very young age that nearly all interaction starts with a greeting when we’re told to “Say hello to $name”.

Besides, it feels good to be acknowledged by the people around you at any time of day, but ‘good morning’ seems to be the standard salutation at the start of the day.

Every time I say ‘good morning’ to someone not in reply, I am reminded about the time when I said this to a colleague and they replied “It sure is a morning”, in a not so awake manner implying that it wasn’t a ‘good’ morning at all.

I forget sometimes that not everyone is well rested, might have stressful stuff going on in their lives, or are simply not morning people dealing with the struggle.

I try to be chipper as possible I can so that I get myself into right state regardless of how I am actually feeling in an effort to concentrate the best I can on the day’s tasks. Sometimes this has negative effects. Being happy all the time is not a social normal; and that’s sad, but very true.

I decided to be a bit more sensitive to this because starting the day off in the right state echos into the rest of the day, and I don’t want to be the guy that’s resented for being overly happy to be just at work and having a negative impact on someone else’s day. A double edged sword, so to speak.

So now instead of saying ‘good morning’ in a work setting or when the other person’s body language would indicate that they are not ‘good’, I use the ambiguous ‘Mornin’ as a statement or as a reply, as it seems to be received better.

Have you ever thought about this before? What do you normally say?


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Author: Karsy

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