#8 A Thankful Morning

Good Morning!

I woke up with breakfast on my mind today.  Not a rare occurrence at all and because yesterday was a fasting day, I also have a healthy appetite. 

In my opinion, the standard American breakfast is the best kind of meal there is.

For me that’s eggs over easy, bacon, some kind of potato, buttered toast for yolk dipping, and of course coffee. Sometimes pancakes or waffles too, but not today.

When there is bacon on my plate, the meal begins and ends with the bacon.  It’s an unconscious ritual of sorts. Today there was two pieces of bacon, so it worked out well. 

About 5 seconds into chewing the first bite, I felt the forming of goose bumps on my arms and then wave of happiness, contentment, and nourishment wash over me; no doubt the feeling was my body getting ready for digestion. I was compelled to voice aloud what I was thinking in the moment.

“Thank you for abundance”.

There is a point where sometimes you just have to thank the universe, god, science, luck, or whatever else it is that you have might have faith in, for what you have.

Most of us that live in industrialized nations take the abundance of everything we have for granted only because abundance is what is normal to us. I am so thankful that this is what I know as normal.

I’m sure that anyone that’s reading this that I’ve worked with in the past will agree that I annoyingly say thank you too much at times. “You don’t have to say thank you for everything all the time”, is what’s been said to me in the past.

But I do.  Being thankful is my default mode, a habit instilled in me a long time ago.

It’s important to be thankful and to express it in a genuine manner.

And besides, gratitude feels really good.

In the spirit of Gratitude I want to say thank you, to you, The Reader.

Thank you for following me, sharing my writing with your friends and family. For your private messages with constructive criticism, encouragement, and support. 

Without you, I don’t have any reason to write.

As always, thank you for reading and have a great day!


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Author: Karsy

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