#3 The Early Bird Gets The Worm

Good Morning!

In a modern world that is first come first serve, it sure is nice to get the first pick of things sometimes, and if you get up early enough and prepared enough, you usually can.

Like the parking space you want, or the freshest bakery or produce items, or maybe seat selection on an airplane or the hotel room you stayed in last time that you really liked.  

I like getting to drive without all of the traffic.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been more of a night owl than an early riser, and as of late even more so. The struggle is real. 

But when I’m focused and need to get work done, waking up early is not even an option, It’s a must! It’s law!  This means that going to sleep earlier is also law.

Sleeping 9-5, kicking ass 10-6 is my ideal schedule.  It allows me to get prepared the best I can for the day ahead.

Getting prepared for the day ahead is critical for being successful in whatever you do.

When everyone is still sleeping you’ve already got your workout in, walked the dog, had a coffee (or two), showered up, planned out your day, watched/listened to some motivational and inspirational videos and maybe some Rogan podcasts, and are already kicking ass.

This is being prepared.  

Now you have a head start on being first.

Check out this awesome video by a guy named Jocko Willink, maybe you’ve herd of him? 😉  He’ll tell you why you need to get up early and get to it.

Take a few minutes and ask yourself if you’ve ever done this on purpose? When was the last time you woke up early, got prepared and ‘killed it’ that day? Do you remember how that felt?  Did anyone notice?

Write it down. Remember it. Do it.

Have a great day!

– Karsy

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Author: Karsy

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