It Doesn’t Come Easy

Good Morning!

I woke up today thinking about cheating on my keto diet with a carb loaded glutton bomb.

I have been dreaming of pizza.


Baked mac and cheese with bacon and chicken.

Cakes and cookies and chocolates.

Cappuccinos, banana bread, butter tarts, and pumpkin pie.

Warmed up muffins with butter, eggs over easy and toast to dip with.

Potatoes that are prepared a thousand ways like mashed or baked or french fries or hash browns or home fries.

Fresh baked rolls, submarine sandwiches, pumpernickel rye with spinach dip.

And steel cut oats and waffles and pancakes, all with butter and real maple syrup on top.

These are all my favorites! All along with some dirty Kraft Dinner with ketchup and hot dogs.

Talk about being a sugar burner! Wow! The carb cravings are strong with me.

As they should be. These were all of the kinds of super yummy, carb laden foods I have been eating for a long time.

I have good memories attached to all of these foods, like family heirlooms.

All I can do is keep doing what I’m doing because I know its going to get better.

Exogenous ketones might help, but I’ll leave that idea for another post.

A friend sent me this video while we were talking about how hard the Keto diet can be to start and maintain when you’re a full blown sugar burner.

If you’ve ever tried any type of low-carb diet you will surely know how much effort it takes to get through sugar withdrawal.

This video is a great reminder that anything in life that is worthwhile is never easy to do. There is no magic fixes.  We just have to go and do what it takes, adhering to a diet or otherwise.

Whatever you’re doing or just thinking about doing, remember that the act of just starting is one of the most difficult parts.

Have a great day!

– Karsy

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