#79 Fake It Until You Make It

Good Morning!

So, you’ve made a lofty goal for yourself. Excellent!

You’ve taken some of the first steps towards achieving that goal by learning and practicing your craft.

This is awesome! Keep it up!

You know what to do and how to do it, but now you’re a having a hard time putting your newfound skills into action.

You’re lacking the confidence in your ability to perform.… Read More “#79 Fake It Until You Make It”

#78 Before I Start Writing Again

Good Morning!

Today has started much like other days.

Wake up.

Grab phone, check time, look at memes.


Get out of bed.

Make a quick stop at the bathroom before completing the blurry-eyed yawn infused walk to the physical location that is the center of my morning routine: The Coffee Bar.

Make the coffee.

Sit down at the laptop.

Sip the coffee.… Read More “#78 Before I Start Writing Again”

#77 Chunk It Out

Good Morning!

When the task you’re working on seems too daunting, there is a handy thought processing and organizational planning tool you can use to complete your task without adding too much stress to your life.

It’s a short, sweet, easy to understand, and kind of awesome way of how to complete larger tasks with relative ease.

What you do is break down the task it in to its smaller “chunks” rather than trying to think about the entire process at once.… Read More “#77 Chunk It Out”

#76 Smile Advice

Good Morning 🙂

If someone smiles at you, smile back if you can.

Sometimes a smile is just a friendly non-contact version of hello, a handshake, a sign of kindness, or even respect.

You should smile back because smiling feels good and makes the other person feel good too.

I know it’s difficult to smile when we’re feeling the blues, upset, worried, or even angry, but if you make attempt, it might actually make you feel a bit better.… Read More “#76 Smile Advice”

#75 Get Choosy With Your People

Good Morning!

I wrote about this topic a little bit last at the beginning of the last year, and I’d like to explore this topic a little more.

What I wrote about before is that we generally become the average of the five people that we spend the bulk of our time with.

This post is about getting specific in regard to the people we spend our time with and how it’s going to change us on a fundamental level.… Read More “#75 Get Choosy With Your People”

#74 Work Should Never Dictate The Pace Of Our Lives

Good Morning!

Why is does it feel like we have to rush our personal lives to make time to support our work lives?

Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

When I worked for someone else it always seems like they wanted more time from me than I willing to give them; overtime was almost always required.

Most people that work a forty hour workweek have a routine in place that’s comfortable and fits their lifestyle, but when the boss asks for overtime, it tends to throw a wrench into the gears our personal lives.… Read More “#74 Work Should Never Dictate The Pace Of Our Lives”

#72 Let’s Get Excited About The Future Of Technology

Good Morning!

I had to share this awesome podcast episode with you.

I watched a Rogan podcast earlier this year with Lex Fridman.  He’s a professor at MIT, where he lectures on deep learning, artificial intelligence, and programming with respect to self driving vehicles and other technologies.

I’ve been listening and watching his “Artificial Intelligence (AI) Podcast” on a regular basis lately; I find the subject of deep learning fascinating.… Read More “#72 Let’s Get Excited About The Future Of Technology”

#71 Fun with Fusion 360

Good Morning!

I recently moved back to my hometown where I am currently garageless. 

Eh… it’s no so bad really, but because I can’t keep my idle hands busy with welding and fabrication projects like I normally do, I’ve had to turn to my old friend 3D modelling and drafting to fill the void.

If you didn’t know, studied architecture in college and was a draftsman for about 10 years afterwards. … Read More “#71 Fun with Fusion 360”

#70 The Battle For Nachos: Salsa vs Salsa Con Queso

Good Morning!

Let me preface by saying that Salsa and Salsa Con Queso are both awesome, but if I had to choose only one for the rest of time, I’m going to have to choose plain ol’salsa.

The reason I went with salsa until the end of time is because of nachos.

It’s hard to believe that there is any food that the amazing cheesy salsa doesn’t taste good with let alone one that is so closely paired with the wonderful tortilla chip.… Read More “#70 The Battle For Nachos: Salsa vs Salsa Con Queso”