#11 Dirty Windows

Good Morning!

The window I’m looking through is quite dirty from the trees and traffic of a year gone by.  It’s now spring time, and time to clean the windows along with the rest of the ‘spring cleaning’ duties.

As I look out the window, I briefly focus on the filth. Its not just on the window the surrounding surfaces too.… Read More “#11 Dirty Windows”

#10 Be Unreasonable

Good Morning!

I have a couple other posts outlining the reasons why getting up early is good for you and this post has a few common threads.

I watched a really great episode of Impact Theory yesterday and was inspired to write about it and some of the topics they covered during their conversation.  If you haven’t seen any of Tom Bilyeu’s videos, you gotta check them out.… Read More “#10 Be Unreasonable”

#9 Mornin’ Folks!


We learn at a very young age that nearly all interaction starts with a greeting when we’re told to “Say hello to $name”.

Besides, it feels good to be acknowledged by the people around you at any time of day, but ‘good morning’ seems to be the standard salutation at the start of the day.

Every time I say ‘good morning’ to someone not in reply, I am reminded about the time when I said this to a colleague and they replied “It sure is a morning”, in a not so awake manner implying that it wasn’t a ‘good’ morning at all.… Read More “#9 Mornin’ Folks!”

#8 A Thankful Morning

Good Morning!

I woke up with breakfast on my mind today.  Not a rare occurrence at all and because
yesterday was a fasting day, I also have a healthy appetite. 

In my opinion, the standard American breakfast is the best kind
of meal there is.

For me that’s eggs over easy, bacon, some kind of potato,
buttered toast for yolk dipping, and of course coffee.… Read More “#8 A Thankful Morning”

The Decision Series – #1 Am I Making A Good Decision?

I ask myself this question a lot to make sure that what I’m doing is still in line with whatever my goal is.  Straying from the plan is sadly one of the things I have to deal with on a near constant basis; the downfall of an overactive curious mind.  There always seems to be something more fun or more interesting to do other than what I’m trying to focus on in the moment, but this is another topic altogether.  So, it can never hurt to double check to stay on track.  Measure twice, cut once right?… Read More “The Decision Series – #1 Am I Making A Good Decision?”

#7 All Of Those Moments Will Be Lost In Time Like Tears In The Rain

Good Morning!

Yes, this post is about Blade Runner, and this post is also a giant spoiler, so if you’re planning on watching it, don’t read this post yet.

This past weekend I watched Blade Runner again.  I wanted to watch it alone and uninterrupted,
to study the dialogue to make sure I didn’t miss anything the first time.

A few years ago was the first time I watched this movie.… Read More “#7 All Of Those Moments Will Be Lost In Time Like Tears In The Rain”

#6 Sometimes It’s Just Not Worth It

Good Morning!

We’ve all been in a situation that brings us to question whether or not what we are putting ourselves through is worth it.

Just this
past year I decided that I had been sufficiently stressed to the point of
exhaustion where my mental and physical health had deteriorated, and the
project I was working on simply wasn’t worth it anymore. 

To be
more specific: the amount of money I had to trade for my time was insufficient
due to the amount of stress it caused.  So I walked away from the job site
and never looked back.… Read More “#6 Sometimes It’s Just Not Worth It”

#5 Why Did You Take The Lawnmower Apart?

Good Morning!

It was before I got my Gameboy, so that would’ve made me 7 or 8 years old.  

Dad got us swinging a hammer and turning a wrench at a pretty young age.  He nailed a board to our deck that my brothers and I got to practice our sawing and hammering skills on.  Sawing off a small chunk of the board and driving in, what now looks like hundreds of nails.… Read More “#5 Why Did You Take The Lawnmower Apart?”

#4 One In The Hand Is Better Than Two In The Bush

Good Morning!

The original saying is “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”.

Why risk getting two when you already have one.

Maybe you have something already, but you want a larger quantity of it or maybe you want to get an even better one and are willing to lose or lose the value of the one you have to get it.… Read More “#4 One In The Hand Is Better Than Two In The Bush”

#3 The Early Bird Gets The Worm

Good Morning!

In a modern world that is first come first serve, it sure is nice to get the first pick of things sometimes, and if you get up early enough and prepared enough, you usually can.

Like the parking space you want, or the freshest bakery or produce items, or maybe seat selection on an airplane or the hotel room you stayed in last time that you really liked.  

I like getting to drive without all of the traffic.… Read More “#3 The Early Bird Gets The Worm”