#44 Good Things Happen When The Chain Reaction Starts

Good Morning!

I can’t believe it’s already been a month while at the same time it feels so normal now.

I’ve been making my bed every single morning for a solid month and let me tell you, it’s had a huge impact in my life already.  The change was so subtle and yet it’s so different now.

I know what you’re thinking:

“Oh please not another post about making your bed.… Read More “#44 Good Things Happen When The Chain Reaction Starts”

#43 Health Blog – Why Failure is OK

Good Morning!

Well, as you might might have guessed from the title of the post today, I didn’t finish exactly what I had planned.

Tuesday wasn’t a horrible day for fasting, but I felt kinda off right when I woke up. That’s not unusual and what the morning coffee is for. As the day pressed on I developed headache and then finally, some digestive distress.… Read More “#43 Health Blog – Why Failure is OK”

#41 Health Blog – Why Fasting Isn’t Starving

Good Morning!

I’ll be fasting all day today.  That will make it 33 hours from yesterday at 11pm until tomorrow morning at 8am. 

I’m testing out every-other-day fasting routine to see how it feels and works for me. Testing things out is how you figure out what works and doesn’t work for you and sometimes the process sucks.

You typically want to stop eating at least 3 hours before sleep time.… Read More “#41 Health Blog – Why Fasting Isn’t Starving”

#40 Get Your Mind On The Move

Good Morning!

I think it’s really important to exercise your mind on a daily basis because I believe that the saying “if you don’t use it, you lose it”, has some basis here.

About a year ago or so I needed to do some work with a CAD
(computer aided drafting) work with program I used almost every day for about
seven years while I was a draftsman full time. 
I purchased a thirty-day licence, downloaded and installed it, and then
started to do the work I needed to do.… Read More “#40 Get Your Mind On The Move”

#39 Health Blog – The Fast Is Complete

Good Morning!

I want to write the health blog posts later on in the day after my gym session so that the progress and activity information is current for post the next morning.

Expect to see Health Blogs on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

I completed the full 48 hours of the fast. I think it was actually around 51ish hours or so, but who’s counting.… Read More “#39 Health Blog – The Fast Is Complete”

#38 You Can Quit Tomorrow

Good Morning!

Whenever I start something that’s pretty difficult, about
half to three-quarters the way through, the quitting thought crosses my mind.

I’ve quit on a few occasions to just go and do other
activities if I just couldn’t stand it any longer, but not when it ever counted.

When I needed to get something done, I told myself “You can
quit tomorrow”.… Read More “#38 You Can Quit Tomorrow”

#37 Health Blog – The Fast Continues

Good Morning!

Today is the 24 to 48 hour leg of the fasting session.

I was a bit groggy when I woke this morning, as expected.  My old friend, coffee will help me out.

All I can say right now is that being able to still have
coffee while fasting, even if it’s plain, helps set the day off on the right food.  I don’t need it of course, but it sure makes
the morning nice.… Read More “#37 Health Blog – The Fast Continues”

#36 Let’s Figure Out This Public Speaking Thing

Good Morning!

I heard something great this morning.

“Being able to communicate is your right.”

Eric Edmeades

For my personal growth session this morning I wanted to listen to a talk about effective speaking. I found a two-part series titled “How To Become A Master In The Art of Public Speaking” given by Eric Edmeades for Mind Valley. I got a lot more than I expected from watching these, and I’ll be watching them again soon.… Read More “#36 Let’s Figure Out This Public Speaking Thing”

#35 Health Blog – Fasting Is The New Low-Fat

Good Morning!

Fasting is the new low-fat diet, except it’s cheaper, easier, and it tastes better. But the kicker is that it’s not new at all.  It’s been used for thousands of years.

Why fasting?

Oh man, what a loaded question.

I’ve decided to start a regular fasting regimen because it
is way easier figure out what not to eat than what to eat, which is nothing.… Read More “#35 Health Blog – Fasting Is The New Low-Fat”