Let’s Get Comfy, At Work

Good Morning!

This morning as I sit at my writing desk making a list of the potential topics I want to write for today’s post, I find myself always adjusting my hand, foot, back/butt position trying to get in a comfortable position to write.

I go through this process every morning.

Most days I usually just pain through the process, but today I leaned back in my office chair, balanced the laptop on the edge of the desk and started writing. 

This isn’t the most comfortable position for my body as a whole, but it’s a trade-off for wrist comfort, which is what I’m concerned about in the short term. 

But what if I don’t want to trade off?… Read More “Let’s Get Comfy, At Work”

Writing Helps Me Deal

Good Morning.

Yesterday after returning home from the gym I was in a bit of a funk.

Here’s what happened.

My trainer had me doing incline offset wide grip dumbbell chest press. Nothing too crazy, I think it was maybe a 25 or 30lb weight, but it being offset and wide grip this will work many more muscles to keep the proper form. 

As I was finishing the first set I could feel, what I can only describe as static building in my head, getting louder and louder until it seemed like the world was starting to cave in on itself.… Read More “Writing Helps Me Deal”

A Tool For Keeping Track of Everything

Good Morning!

Have you ever worked on a large personal project or a hobby?

If you have, you’ll know for sure how much of a pain it can be to wait for the stuff you need to keep working on your project.

Planning the wait time into the long to-do list will usually make the process a lot more enjoyable and it will allow you plan the lead-time of each task more easily.… Read More “A Tool For Keeping Track of Everything”

#17 The Great Shopping Cart Debacle

Good Morning!

For as long as I can remember, every single time I’ve entered the parking lot of a grocery store I’ve seen at least one stranded shopping cart.

The only time I’ve entered a grocery store parking lot with no carts strewn about is when I see the cart wranglers moving the carts back into the store, the store isn’t open, or a coin deposit system had been implemented.  The latter usually solves this problem for the most part, but then some people still don’t return their carts.… Read More “#17 The Great Shopping Cart Debacle”

Call Your Mom, It’s Mother’s Day

Good Morning!

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I’ll call you later.

She’s one of my biggest fans and I’m so thankful for that.  I feel like I won the parents lottery sometimes.

She shared a note with me the other day that she wrote back in 2010 that will no doubt always be effective. 

“Life is a journey – a process of advancement and progression.

Read More “Call Your Mom, It’s Mother’s Day”

The ‘One Neat Trick’ For Organizing Creative Thinking

Good Morning!

I woke up this morning kinda blank, and that’s OK!

It’s OK because I learned the “one neat trick” to help people with writer’s block start writing again. That neat trick is to start writing down all of the things going through your head, what your looking at, hearing, the stuff going on around you, everything.

Write everything down in basic form.… Read More “The ‘One Neat Trick’ For Organizing Creative Thinking”

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ever Let Your Coffee Get Cold

Good Morning!

I’m not going to let my coffee get cold today.  I’m not, going to let, my coffee, get cold today!

I’m going to finish the entire thing while it’s still at the right temperature.

I’m going to finish it because yesterday, the last two mouthfuls for the lack of a better way to put it, left a poor taste in my mouth.… Read More “Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ever Let Your Coffee Get Cold”

Making Your Bed Could Save The World

Good Morning!

Last night’s show was great! I had so much fun.  Catch the replay here.

The coffee needs to be strong this morning.  I woke up a bit late because the stream ran late, and I stayed up late making some highlights and going through the stream.  That makes the schedule a bit more erratic than I’d like, but it’s moving in the right direction.… Read More “Making Your Bed Could Save The World”