Health Blog – The Fast Continues

Good Morning!

Today is the 24 to 48 hour leg of the fasting session.

I was a bit groggy when I woke this morning, as expected.  My old friend, coffee will help me out.

All I can say right now is that being able to still have coffee while fasting, even if it’s plain, helps set the day off on the right food.  I don’t need it of course, but it sure makes the morning nice.

I don’t ususally have many issues with fasting, but because the past few weeks has been a food-free-for-all, I expected that the sugar cravings were going to be strong.

I think it’s good for me to experience what genuine hunger feels like again compared to what sugar withdrawl feels like, so that I know the difference.  The lines can get blurred pretty easily.

Genuine hunger usually has a physical sensation to it, whereas sugar withdrawal has a sense of insecurity.  What I mean by insecurity is that it changes the way you think and prioritize what you’re doing in so far that if you don’t eat, you think you might die. That feeling creates a sense of urgency and you feel like you’re going to die, the stress hormones start to do their thing.

The worst part is that it’s not even a real genuine hunger pang. I think I might have felt a rumble or two, but other than that there is nothing except a constant bombardment of mental hunger.

What makes this initial process worse, is every other thought I have is about food.

I know what you’re thinking: “But Karsy, you’re a foodie: that means you always think about food”. 

You’re not wrong, I do have day-dreams about food quite often.


I measure my weight at the gym when I’m there, usually Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. My weight as of Wednesday, May 22nd,  is 349 lbs. Below is a screen shot of the graph since I stared in October 2017.

This is what struggling with poor insulin sensitivity looks like by the numbers. Every time I look at that graph and see the line rise going from left to right I don’t see failure, I see evidence.  I know what was happening at those points in time.  It’s not just bad food choices, it’s understanding why I made those particular food choices when I know that certain foods don’t do well with me.

Just like how controlling my time is important, so controlling my insulin levels.  When insulin stays low, my body has time to rest and rebuild and use up some of that stored energy.

At The Gym

Gym session yesterday was great. I had lots of energy from the breakfast I ate. Here’s what I did.

  • Warm-up,  walking on the treadmill, 10 minutes, 5% incline and 2.8-3.5 MPH.
  • Single Leg Extensions, 3 sets of 12, 35 lbs.
  • Hamstring Curl, 3 sets of 12, 45 lbs.
  • TRX Squats, 3 sets of 15, body weight.
  • Banded Dead Lift, 3 sets of 12, 50 lbs.
  • Cable Squat Twists, 2 sets of 15 each direction, 40 lbs.
  • Ab Rotation, 3 sets of 15 each direction, Ultra-Heavy (grey) band.

Every session I am noticing that certain movements are getting a lot easier.

The Next Meal

I’m looking forward tomorrow morning. I bought two steaks yesterday when I picked up my water. I have a couple kg of carrots that I can make a pretty big dent in and some left over chicken, brussels sprouts, and that curd cheese from Quebec.  It’s going to be good.

I have a massage booked for later this morning to get my muscles taken care of.  It’s been far too long.

Thanks for joining me on my health journey!

Love to hear from you in the comments.


I am not a medial professional and I don’t claim to be.  Any health-related things that I write or talk about in my blogs, emails or how ever else you get the information from me should NOT be taken as medical advice. Make sure you check with your health-care provider that whatever it is that you want to do, is safe for you.  Any health-related information is intended for entertainment purposes only. Use at your own risk.

Health Blog – Fasting Is The New Low-Fat

Good Morning!

Fasting is the new low-fat diet, except it’s cheaper, easier, and it tastes better. But the kicker is that it’s not new at all.  It’s been used for thousands of years.

Why fasting?

Oh man, what a loaded question.

I’ve decided to start a regular fasting regimen because it is way easier figure out what not to eat than what to eat, which is nothing. It just makes sense to me. If the body is designed to store excess energy as fat for times when food is scarce (common knowledge), make the food scarce to use the stored energy. I have quite a bit of stored energy, so I should be good to go.

I’ve decided to do 48-hour fasts, starting after breakfast this morning and then refeeding at breakfast time on Friday.

The reason I’ve chosen to do 48-hour fasts is because I have training Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at noon. Eating a breakfast on training days is beneficial for performance in my experience, otherwise I’d probably fast as long as I could.

I haven’t decided what to do on the weekends yet.  I might eat, I might do a 72-hour fast until Monday at breakfast time, I dunno.  It depends on my energy level and how I feel.

The only thing I get to consume is plain coffee and water.  My favorite water is Evian.  For good measure I’m also going to add some salt and “no salt” to the water to keep my electrolytes up and the dizziness away.  I learned this the hard way the first time around. Oh boy.

If this is the first time you’ve herd of fasting for weight loss or other health reasons and want to learn more, I suggest picking up the book “The Complete Guide To Fasting” by Jimmy Moore and Dr. Jason Fung.

The link below will take you to amazon where you a pickup a copy for yourself.

I’m going to start posting these “Health Blogs” on a regular basis so that you can keep up my progress, keep me honest and maybe pick up some useful information along the way.

You can expect to read how I’m feeling, what I’m going to eat for refeed meals, what I’m doing for my workouts, how much I sleep, the stuff I’ve learned about the keto diet and fasting, and of course, my progress.

This morning’s breakfast: Bacon, Eggs, Chicken, Brussels Sprouts, Espresso Americano. Yum.

Have a great day!


I am not a medial professional and I don’t claim to be.  Any health-related things that I write or talk about in my blogs, emails or how ever else you get the information from me should NOT be taken as medical advice. Make sure you check with your health-care provider that whatever it is that you want to do, is safe for you.  Any health-related information is intended for entertainment purposes only. Use at your own risk.

Writing Helps Me Deal

Good Morning.

Yesterday after returning home from the gym I was in a bit of a funk.

Here’s what happened.

My trainer had me doing incline offset wide grip dumbbell chest press. Nothing too crazy, I think it was maybe a 25 or 30lb weight, but it being offset and wide grip this will work many more muscles to keep the proper form. 

As I was finishing the first set I could feel, what I can only describe as static building in my head, getting louder and louder until it seemed like the world was starting to cave in on itself.  So weird. 

This has happened before, but this time was much worse. I wasn’t any more dizzy than normal, it just felt really strange.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt faint before, but if that is what it feels like: man does that ever suck.

I had to stop. I couldn’t do it.

My shoulders and neck have been feeling stiff lately so at the time I thought maybe it’s just a pinched nerve or a small blood flow issue or whatever so I’ll stretch, have some water. The trainer changed up the rest of the exercises to standing movements for the rest of the hour.

Not being able to do something because I physically can’t and add the fact that my body has a death-grip on fat right now makes me feel like a worthless piece of garbage, hence the funk.

At home, I sit down at the computer and start searching for answer in an effort to understand why my body hates me and the internet returns diagnosis: feeling faint, or about to pass out, blackout, white out.

Don’t worry, I already have a doctor’s appointment scheduled for this morning anyways so I’ll be sure to inquire.

Not feeling satisfied with what I read, I start writing.  Why not, it might be worth reading I thought. This is the first line I wrote yesterday:

“Feeling discouraged and have pretty bad case of the fuck-its right now, so I’m just going to write down some shit until I snap the fuck out of this self-destructive funk I’m currently in.”

I keep writing.

What I wrote is a lot more personal that I care to share with the entire world, but I wanted to share that particular passage because it speaks about just getting the thoughts out, weather just speaking or writing about what we have going upstairs.

I kept on writing until I started to feel better in general because I know that how I felt in the moment is not how I was going to feel in an hour.

After about five-hundred words I stopped writing and then carried on with the rest of my day.

I reread it this morning and was inspired to share it on the blog in hopes that it might be something that someone needs to hear.

I chose to write, but you can talk to someone, record a video or a voice note, make a post on social media or however else you want to let it out, get it out. Reflect on it. Understand that what you might feel in the moment is not what you’re going to feel forever.

There is blue skies today.