#7 All Of Those Moments Will Be Lost In Time Like Tears In The Rain

Good Morning!

Yes, this post is about Blade Runner, and this post is also a giant spoiler, so if you’re planning on watching it, don’t read this post yet.

This past weekend I watched Blade Runner again.  I wanted to watch it alone and uninterrupted, to study the dialogue to make sure I didn’t miss anything the first time.

A few years ago was the first time I watched this movie. It was released in theatres when I was about a year old or so.  What’s kinda funny is, I’ve listened to the song “Tears In The Rain” by Vangelis, hundreds of times before I sat down and watched the movie. I didn’t know where the quote at the beginning of the song was from. I figured it was just a standard sci-fi movie quote that was typically included in older electronic songs, not one of the most profound film quotes of all time.

Here is the scene.

“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.  I’ve watch c-beams, glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate.  All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain. Time to Die.”

Roy Batty, Blade Runner

I instantly recognized the quote the moment the music started.

It’s not fair to be given such a short life, only to live in fear as a slave.  All Roy wanted was to not die and he did everything he could to get the answers he needed, even if being the villain was necessary. It didn’t matter in the end; a longer life wasn’t possible.  I felt sorry for him.

When I grasped the gravity of the quote,  I filled with emotion.  My feelings certainly echoed that of Roy: sadness, failure, being cheated, and a bit of anger,  that there wasn’t more, and that life is coming to an end.  I don’t think I’m alone in saying that this is probably how I’d feel if my life ends up being shorter than I expect it to be. There would be still so much to do and learn and see.  It’s kind of mind-bending isn’t it? Contemplating one’s own existence.

It’s difficult to accept the things we can’t change or have no control over. We only get one life and we only get a short amount of time in it.  How do we make meaning of it all?  How do each of us matter at all in the grand scheme of the universe and everything?  Maybe we shouldn’t try to understand it?

As time carries on, our existence will eventually fade into nothingness and no one will remember who we were.

The concept of time is so strange. It’s relentless and unforgiving and only moves in one direction. 

What matters is who and where we are in the present. 

All we can do is be good to the people in our lives, try to make some sort of lasting impression, and create memories together so those who live on can tell our stories.

What are the experiences that stand out in your own life?  What do you want other people to remember about you? Does any of it really matter anyways?

Our own unbelievable experiences and memories die with us. We are so significant and yet so insignificant at the same time.

– Karsy

Tears In The Rain – Vangelis

#6 Sometimes It’s Just Not Worth It

Good Morning!

We’ve all been in a situation that brings us to question whether or not what we are putting ourselves through is worth it.

Just this past year I decided that I had been sufficiently stressed to the point of exhaustion where my mental and physical health had deteriorated, and the project I was working on simply wasn’t worth it anymore. 

To be more specific: the amount of money I had to trade for my time was insufficient due to the amount of stress it caused.  So I walked away from the job site and never looked back.

Was walking away the best solution? Maybe not long term, but it was the best decision I’ve made for my well being in a very long time, perhaps even all time.

If you’re constantly stressed out, maybe it’s time to ask yourself: Is it worth all the stress that I am putting myself through right now?  Is there a better way?

I wish I knew this earlier. 

I came across a great assessment method while I was flipping through Reddit comments awhile back; the gold is always in the comments. 

This method is called The Seven 7’s.

When you feel like you need to react to a situation and you need to think about what you’re going to do next, say to yourself:

“Is __________ going to matter in 7 seconds? 7 minutes? 7 hours? 7 days? 7 weeks? 7 months? 7 years?”

Fill in the blank with something like what’s happening right now; what he/she said; my actions; how I’m going to feel about what I want to do right now in the moment; if I don’t do this, is it; etc.

If you made it to 7 years, it’s probably never going to matter.

Obviously, every situation is different and will have a varying degree of severity in what you need to do, but this thought process allows you the time to apply priority so you can react in the appropriate amount of time, or not at all.

Thinking about my decision to quit this past year was an immediate need to remove myself from the stress of situation. I made the 7 seconds mark, but I wouldn’t make the 7 minutes and definitely not 7 hours. If I think I could have made it to the 7-day mark, I’d have a totally different life right now, or maybe not one at all.

What most of us don’t realize is that the “stress” that the doctor tells us we need to manage, is not just from work, home, or elsewhere, its from ALL of the stressors in our lives.

There are so many different kinds of stress: the shitty thing we say to ourselves on the inside like “why’d you do that, you dummy” or  “why bother, you don’t have any chance making that shot”; physical stress like over-training in the gym; relationship problems; making your child support payments; caring for a sick loved one; dealing with a shitty work place environment or shitty boss; the food you eat; a disease; the list goes on. Mental, emotional, physical: they’re all in the same bucket.

So sometimes it’s just not worth it.

How do we cope?

We all need to learn to pick our battles, when walk away or remove ourselves from the stress entirely, and abruptly if necessary.

We all cope with stress in different ways: Some are passive like taking a nap and listening to music, some are productive like drawing or welding or hitting the gym, and some are destructive like binging on food or alcohol or using hard drugs.

In the past, I dealt with my stress by filling my face. It turns out that wasn’t really taking away any stress. All the food did was shift my focus to how tasty it was for enough time to send me to slumber-land.  Yep, years in a cycle of destruction. Now I make blog posts.

This video is a different take on how we can manage the stress in our lives. How To Make Stress Your Friend by Kelly McGonigal.

“What we know for certain is that chasing meaning is better for your health than trying to avoid discomfort. So I would say that’s really the best way to make decisions. Go after what it is that creates meaning in your life and then trust yourself to handle the stress that follows.”

Kelly McGonigal

There are hundreds of videos on YouTube when you search for Stress Management. This link will take you there.

That’s all for this post.

Thanks for reading. I hope you got something from it.  Please leave a comment if you want to. If you like what you’ve read here and want to get these posts sent to your email, please feel free to subscribe.

Have a great day!

– Karsy

#5 Why Did You Take The Lawnmower Apart?

Good Morning!

It was before I got my Gameboy, so that would’ve made me 7 or 8 years old.  

Dad got us swinging a hammer and turning a wrench at a pretty young age.  He nailed a board to our deck that my brothers and I got to practice our sawing and hammering skills on.  Sawing off a small chunk of the board and driving in, what now looks like hundreds of nails. That board is still there.

I don’t remember ever not being interested in activities that involved tools. Whenever my Dad and my Uncle were doing repairs to the house, the business, the cars or whatever else, I always got a chance to see what they were working on and sometimes pass the wrenches and turn some screwdrivers.

I even got to watch and assist my Dad extensively repair a lawnmower he purchased at a yard sale.  I remember being super excited that I was able to be there and watch and help out however I could.

Some time later while exploring the sheds in our back yard, I came across another yard sale special lawnmower and out of nowhere get the bright idea that I could fix this one, just like I helped my Dad before.  I don’t actually know what’s wrong with it, but I assume it needs to be taken apart. So I drug it out of the shed, got the tool boxes with all my dads tools out and got to work.

Taking things apart is so much fun, especially when you haven’t done it before. 

Just about the time I had that mower stripped down in to all of its little pieces, my Dad walks up and sees me sitting on the ground with all of the inner-workings of the lawnmower and just about every tool he owns strewn about. Some on the ground, some on a tarp, some on the grass.  I’m covered in oil and grease and grass clippings, innocently looking up and as  proud as ever.

“Why did you take the lawnmower apart? he says.

This is the moment I knew that I had done something I wasn’t supposed to. I’m pretty sure he asked about the location of all his tools, genuinely concerned with their condition. Looking back on this event as an adult, I can only surmise that my Dad was upset because his tools were everywhere, not because I took apart the lawnmower. He might have even been amazed at what I did at the time. I dunno.

Kids will do stuff because they’re curious, and excited, and to prove they can do things too.

So why did I take the lawnmower apart?  Was it because I thought I could fix it like I saw my Dad fix the other one?  I think I took it apart because I was curious and because it was fun.

That was the year I got a mechano set for Christmas.

What were you curious about when you were a kid?  Did you have any fun disassembling any appliances like I did? Are you still a curious person?

Have a great day!

– Karsy

#4 One In The Hand Is Better Than Two In The Bush

Good Morning!

The original saying is “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”.

Why risk getting two when you already have one.

Maybe you have something already, but you want a larger quantity of it or maybe you want to get an even better one and are willing to lose or lose the value of the one you have to get it. Like trading in a car you haven’t fully paid for, for a new one.

This thought process plagues me sometimes. 

The want, dare I say need, to upgrade things.  

Do I need a larger tv? Nope. Do I need a nicer/bigger/faster car? Nawh.

But do I want these things? Hell yeah I do and I’m pretty sure everyone else does too.

Being a good consumer that likes to work hard and contribute to society, I have succumb to these selfish desires many times in the past; like the larger tv and car previously mentioned above.

If I had to justify my decisions, I’d say that I’ve worked for my money and deserve to spend it on whatever I want.

But at the end of the day, it’s all just stuff. Everything we use is means to an end.

I can consume media on my laptop or my phone and a car is transportation.

On the other end of the spectrum, everything that can be purchased can be made bespoke and made into a status symbol, like a $80000 Sony projector or a $733000 Rolls Royce, and all because people want the best stuff.

It depends on what you need, what you want, and what suits you.

When the stuff we have is paid for (one in the hand), is in good condition, is in good working order, and is also old and boring, the new, shiny, big, flashy, feature packed thing (two in the bush) is more tantalizing than we can sometimes take.  We must have it!

But when is enough, enough?

I think it’s just in our nature to want the bigger badder better shinier things.

Some advice from minimalism movement would say to box up everything you own, unpack what you use over 30 day period, sell or donate what’s left in the boxes, use what you have until you need a new one, replace and recycle.  Check out this video of Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Millburn giving a TED talk about minimalism.

It’s difficult way of thinking and their plan works for some people, but letting go of stuff that you’ve worked really hard for is very difficult. Have you seen the show hoarders?

I do a lot of travelling for work and it’s easy to figure out which things I like use a lot when I’m at home, when I’m not able to do the things I need to, how I want to. Like having a sharp kitchen knife and cutting board for example. I wish I had my knife and cutting board with me so many times, frustratingly using a shitty serrated steak knife to cut up some carrots.

I won’t get into the irony of now wanting to buy another kitchen knife and cutting board to keep in the car.

Maybe I just have to take the one I have with me like I do with my blender and espresso maker.

What is the one thing that you have and just want a better one or maybe even more of the one thing?  How do you deal with the urge to spurge? Would you do the minimalism exercise?

Have a great day!

– Karsy

#3 The Early Bird Gets The Worm

Good Morning!

In a modern world that is first come first serve, it sure is nice to get the first pick of things sometimes, and if you get up early enough and prepared enough, you usually can.

Like the parking space you want, or the freshest bakery or produce items, or maybe seat selection on an airplane or the hotel room you stayed in last time that you really liked.  

I like getting to drive without all of the traffic.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been more of a night owl than an early riser, and as of late even more so. The struggle is real. 

But when I’m focused and need to get work done, waking up early is not even an option, It’s a must! It’s law!  This means that going to sleep earlier is also law.

Sleeping 9-5, kicking ass 10-6 is my ideal schedule.  It allows me to get prepared the best I can for the day ahead.

Getting prepared for the day ahead is critical for being successful in whatever you do.

When everyone is still sleeping you’ve already got your workout in, walked the dog, had a coffee (or two), showered up, planned out your day, watched/listened to some motivational and inspirational videos and maybe some Rogan podcasts, and are already kicking ass.

This is being prepared.  

Now you have a head start on being first.

Check out this awesome video by a guy named Jocko Willink, maybe you’ve herd of him? ;)  He’ll tell you why you need to get up early and get to it.

Take a few minutes and ask yourself if you’ve ever done this on purpose? When was the last time you woke up early, got prepared and ‘killed it’ that day? Do you remember how that felt?  Did anyone notice?

Write it down. Remember it. Do it.

Have a great day!

– Karsy

#2 Go Outside and Eat Worms

Good Morning!

When I was a kid, my Dad said this to me when I was an insufferable little shit not getting my own way.

So, to elaborate on the title of this post: “this is how it’s going to be and if you don’t like it, go outside and eat worms.”

Thankfully, I was introduced to this at a young age.

Coping with things beyond our control that may not be fair is a life skill that a lot of adults still don’t have, and to be honest, I’m still working on it myself.

It’s hard to just sit there and stew sometimes when things just don’t go the way you expected them to.

Some situations are much easier to accept than others and when bad situations get worse, it takes a quite a bit of emotional muscle to find the humor in it.

There are so many things that can happen that are way beyond our control that we just have to live with, at least in the moment.

Sometimes people will just change their minds or sometimes we will have a way different set of expectations of whatever situation we’re in.

This is a huge deal to a child. Which is why we’ve all seen a 4 year old have a melt down over something as simple as food choices. “I was expecting peanut butter but got an apple instead”, open flood gates.

It’s still kind of a big deal as an adult too, especially if we think its not fair. 

This video puts how life isn’t fair into perspective.

Here is another example: Being sold a car as new with a damaged finish on the wheels that you weren’t told about and that you didn’t notice when you picked it up. Subsequently then told by the dealer that there is nothing the they can do but offer you ‘cost’ pricing on a new set of wheels. – Thanks, but no. I guess I’ll just have to live with my own mistake of not thoroughly checking and documenting every single piece of my brand-new vehicle that I assumed was in ‘perfect condition’.

Yep, that ruined the dealer experience, but it didn’t ruin the car.

It wasn’t fair.

Take a moment to think of a time when you had to just sit there and stew in your situation because it was beyond your control. How did you deal with it at the time? Could you have done anything differently? Did it work out in the end? Was it actually as big of deal you remember it being at the time?

I’ve eaten my share of worms, and as foul as they tasted, I had to learn, but sometimes I didn’t and that’s ok.

– Karsy

#1 Surround Yourself With Happy Inspirational and Successful People

Good Morning!

Turns out, we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.

It makes sense if you think about it.

If you spend enough with someone you’ll start to think alike, say the same sayings, have the same values, and even laugh the same and like the same things.

You’ll start taking on the traits of the five people you spend the most time with.

I have been pretty lucky in the peers department. The universe choose to put those people in my path, I didn’t choose them.

The people I went to school with, my childhood friends growing up,  cousins I got to spend time with, the people I’ve worked with, and all of the friends I made along the way, all played a role influencing who I am today.  Thankfully most of them were good and decent people.

When you consider who you want to be, how much money you want to make, what level you want to be on, and how much good you want to do for your fellow human, the people who you spend the most time with are very important.

“When you’re around happy inspirational people that are successful it makes you feel better and you get inspired and if you act on that inspiration your life will be more fulfilled.”

Joe Rogan

My best friends give me inspiration and motivation to be better and do better every day because I know they strive to do the same.

My friends and family that I chat with on a regular basis make me want to explore and seek adventure, provide words of wisdom with my personal journey, show me how to cook, and where to shop.

The people I work with motivate me to get up in the morning to put the work in because I know they’ll be there moving the project forward.

Who makes up your average and how are they motivating, inspiring, and helping you?

– Karsy

It Doesn’t Come Easy

Good Morning!

I woke up today thinking about cheating on my keto diet with a carb loaded glutton bomb.

I have been dreaming of pizza.


Baked mac and cheese with bacon and chicken.

Cakes and cookies and chocolates.

Cappuccinos, banana bread, butter tarts, and pumpkin pie.

Warmed up muffins with butter, eggs over easy and toast to dip with.

Potatoes that are prepared a thousand ways like mashed or baked or french fries or hash browns or home fries.

Fresh baked rolls, submarine sandwiches, pumpernickel rye with spinach dip.

And steel cut oats and waffles and pancakes, all with butter and real maple syrup on top.

These are all my favorites! All along with some dirty Kraft Dinner with ketchup and hot dogs.

Talk about being a sugar burner! Wow! The carb cravings are strong with me.

As they should be. These were all of the kinds of super yummy, carb laden foods I have been eating for a long time.

I have good memories attached to all of these foods, like family heirlooms.

All I can do is keep doing what I’m doing because I know its going to get better.

Exogenous ketones might help, but I’ll leave that idea for another post.

A friend sent me this video while we were talking about how hard the Keto diet can be to start and maintain when you’re a full blown sugar burner.

If you’ve ever tried any type of low-carb diet you will surely know how much effort it takes to get through sugar withdrawal.

This video is a great reminder that anything in life that is worthwhile is never easy to do. There is no magic fixes.  We just have to go and do what it takes, adhering to a diet or otherwise.

Whatever you’re doing or just thinking about doing, remember that the act of just starting is one of the most difficult parts.

Have a great day!

– Karsy

It sure has been a while since I’ve blogged about anything.

Good Morning!

My name is Matt Kars.

Welcome to my Blog: Good Morning Karsy!

Lots of people know me as, Karsy.  Can you believe it was also my Dad’s nickname when he was younger?!  I wonder if his childhood friends still remember him by that name.

The name of my blog kind of an odd one isn’t it?: Good Morning, Karsy.

Years ago I wanted to start writing to my future self, so that I can remember what I was like, or for my future family, so they can have an insight into what I was like in the past and also a legacy to leave.

I enjoy sharing interesting and hilarious videos and memes and pictures of my food just like everyone else.

I posted a lot of stuff on Facebook in the past.  My timeline is littered with it. I stopped using the social site on a daily basis because it was so easy to get sucked in to a forever scrolling news feed.  It was so time consuming. It is way easier and faster to avoid posting on my timeline and just send the links from Reddit or Imgur or YouTube to my messenger group, the people that I wanted to see it.

This blog gives me the space and format to creatively share the content I want with my own thoughts and ideas and opinions without being lost in the timeline or chat history.  Something that can be looked back upon easily.

So here I am, writing my first post on this blog again.

The main purpose of this blog is to serve you by providing inspiration, motivation and education, while (hopefully) being entertaining and earning your trust as a source of information. I won’t ever sell you on anything I wouldn’t like to know about or be sold on.

I am a firm believer that everyone can learn anything and master it by doing and failing and starting over again. The other purpose for this blog is for my own education: to practice writing, and recording and editing podcasts and videos so that in the future this can be a career for me.

My goal is to publish a blog and a short 5-15 minute podcast every day where I talk the topic of choice.  Check back soon! I’ll have a subscribe button eventually so that you can get this blog delivered right to your inbox.

Thanks for taking the time to read and/or listen!

Have a great day!

– Karsy