#62 A Chat About Time

Good Morning!

I sat down to write about what’s been on my mind the past few days and I ended up writing down my daily schedule which I guess sounds a bit odd, but when I make my own schedule for things it’s a really good idea to have what I’m supposed to do with my time planned out or else I’d just end up just entertaining myself all day instead of doing something productive.

Of course, sometimes making these sorts of plans is a futile effort because, well life happens, and other stuff will get prioritized. 

If time is our utmost finite resource, what we do with it should be very important and wasting time should be avoided at all cost. You need to be in control of your time to do that.

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#61 Do The Best You Can With What You Have

Good Morning!

The piece of wisdom that I want to share with you today is “Do the best you can with what you have”.

I can’t remember how many times I’ve had to improvise to accommodate how I do things in order to complete a project.

It’s usually not having the right tool for the job, or maybe using a material that is sub par.

Whatever situation you’re in that is less than ideal, try to make do with you what you have available.

Use your experience, creativity, and resourcefulness to work the problem.

For instance, having to cut a straight line without a table saw or a round hole without a radius jig. 

Maybe the person who you normally use for a particular task that you’re relying on isn’t available and they’ve sent you ‘the new guy’.

The onus is on you to complete the task so sometimes you have to jump in to pick up the slack or keep a closer eye on the quality of work and direct as need be.

Or maybe you forgot that the gym isn’t open on the statutory holiday and you need to get your workout in. Time to improvise and use physics to your advantage: stuff can get really heavy with the proper leverage.

Whatever it is that you have to deal with, get creative and work the problem.

Every time you’re in a situation that requires this type of thinking and action,  the experience you gain will allow you to be better prepared for next time.  Rest assured that it will happen again.

Thanks for reading (or listening) and have a great day!

Don’t Have What You Need?

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#60 Health Blog – What’s Leptin?

Good Morning!

What’s Leptin? Leptin a hormone produced by your body fat that is used by the brain to regulate hunger, the metabolism, and stress hormones.

The amount of leptin in the body is determined by how much body fat you have. More body fat equals more leptin.

When you are leptin sensitive, where the brain ‘sees’ the leptin, this process works correctly.

When there is excess fat on the body, the brain will raise the metabolism and lower hunger to reduce the amount of stored energy to the ‘normal’ level.

It’s the feedback loop your body uses to tell you that there is enough stored energy and that you don’t need to keep eating.

Unless of course you’re leptin resistant.

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#58 Health Blog – Fasting Burns Fat

Good Morning!

In the last two health blog posts I’ve written about how and why we store fat. This post is going to cover the easiest way to get energy out of the fat cell.

To quickly recap

  • Insulin is ‘the fat storage hormone’.
  • Eating carbs will cause insulin to go up in body.
  • Any excess energy not used from what is taken into the body will be stored in the fat cell.
  • If Insulin is always high, you will not be able to use your stored fat.
  • The only way to use the stored energy from the fat cell is to
    • be in a caloric deficit when the metabolism is still high
    • glycogen in the liver and muscles constantly needs to be replenished
    • have low insulin level
  • The easiest way to get into the state where all three of these conditions are met, is fasting. Fasting is when you don’t eat anything at all.

Let’s examine how fasting accomplishes this.

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#57 THEY WON!!!

Good Morning!

I can’t believe I woke up so late this morning.

Well, I understand why I did though, it’s because The Toronto Raptors won the NBA Championship last night and I watched the entire game!

It’s kind of a big deal.

It’s the first time that a Canadian NBA team has won the Championship.

I’m not a huge fan of basketball or any other sport for that matter, but out of all sports I do enjoy watching basketball the most. I think all those hours of playing NBA Jam on my Super Nintendo back in the day might have had something to do with that.

If you get a chance, catch the highlights. It was an awesome edge of the seat game.

Thanks for reading (or listening) and have a great day!

#56 Health Blog – Let’s Get Serious About How Body Fat Works

Good Morning!

I want to start out by saying that we still don’t know what causes obesity as a matter of general consensus. This kind of seems crazy to me because the current evidence is so compelling, but information like this takes a long time to spread throughout the medical community and then even more time for people’s individual opinions to change. So all I can do as an individual is use what works regardless of what the medical community says. *shrug* I might being wrong in my choosing in the very long term, but I guess it’s what’s working for me to become less obese in the short term.

On Monday’s post, I wrote about the lecture I watched of Gary Taubes explaining the cause, or why we get fat, that being the carbohydrates we eat makes the hormone insulin increase in our bodies which makes us store any excess energy as body fat.

What I learned yesterday while reading “The Obesity Code” by Dr. Jason Fung*, is what is needed to make fat storing actually happen.

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#55 Reading Faster

Good Morning!

On Monday I wrote about increasing the reading speed and linked to the free speed reading software, that trains you how to read in phrases at readspeeder.com.

The idea to reading in phrases is instead of reading single words you’re reading groups of words, much like you read groups of letters and not the individual letters themselves.

Reading in phrases allows you to read more visually, actually visualizing what your eyes are showing you.

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#54 Health Blog – Why We Get Fat

Good Morning!

Last night I watched a lecture given by Gary Taubes, the author of the books Good Calories Bad Calories and Why We Get Fat.

He examines what we think we know about obesity and explains that the driving force behind fat accumulation is the hormone insulin and what upregulates insulin is carbohydrates.

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#53 The Meta-Habit To Improve Your Life

Good Morning!

A common theme that keeps getting talked and written about in the personal development content I’ve been consuming for the past couple weeks is to read more books.

A lot more. A book per week minimum and the more the better.

This  idea was solidified after reading about this in a couple blogs and listening to other podcasts with Gary Vaynerchuk, T.K. Coleman, and then finally after watching episode 83 of the Ground Up podcast by Matt D’Avella with his guest James clear, the author of Atomic Habits.

Matt asked James “Is there a universal skill or habit for creators?”

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